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24 Mar

NEPBA Bills of Interest for 2023-24 (Massachusetts)

DOWNLOAD THIS LIST HERE. HB 1428 (HD265) – An Act relative to personal information   Rep Coppinger  (JJU) HB 1464 (HD3532) – An Act relative to capital punishment for the murder of law enforcement officers Rep Decoste  (JJU) HB 1662 HD2662 – An Act to improve transparency in alleged police misconduct  Rep Markey (JJU) HB 1767 […]

07 Feb

List of important New Hampshire Legislative Hearings scheduled for this week

The following is a list of NH Legislative Hearings scheduled for this week.  NEPBA State Director Steve Arnold will be there watching out for our members’ interests.  Please contact Steve at sarnold@nepba.org if you have any comments or questions. Because the list is 14 pages long, we have encapsulated it in a pdf for you […]