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08 Sep

MLRB Issues Complaint Against Norfolk Sheriff’s Department

The Massachusetts Labor Relations Board has issued a complaint against the Norfolk Sheriff’s Department and has found probable cause a violation does exist and that Norfolk County Assistant Deputy Superintendent Thomas Brady has independently interfered with, restrained and coerced employees in the exercise of their rights protected by Section 2 of the Law in violation […]

01 Sep


Statement on Disciplinary Records We have received and appreciate feedback from police organizations and officers concerning items which they believe are listed incorrectly in POST’s disciplinary records database. In addition, we have learned of the omission of the complete records of three departments from the database and a number of individual officers from other departments. We […]

25 Aug

Locals should immediately demand a copy of the Discipline Spreadsheet their agency submitted to POST

ISSUE:  We found several errors for our members in the recently published POST list.  The list of discipline for each agency was supplied on a spreadsheet to POST.  We have seen that some agencies clearly reported incorrect or incomplete information to POST, resulting in publication that is wrong and obviously damaging to an officers reputation. […]