MLRB Issues Complaint Against Norfolk Sheriff’s Department

The Massachusetts Labor Relations Board has issued a complaint against the Norfolk Sheriff’s Department and has found probable cause a violation does exist and that Norfolk County Assistant Deputy Superintendent Thomas Brady has independently interfered with, restrained and coerced employees in the exercise of their rights protected by Section 2 of the Law in violation of Section 10(a) (1) of the Law.

NEPBA Attorney Tom Horgan presented the Union’s case to the MLRB on the totally unprofessional conduct of Norfolk Deputy Superintendent, Thomas Brady, towards a Local 575’s Executive Board member. When this executive board member recently questioned the Sheriff’s decision to utilize taxpayer money in order to purchase lunch for inmates as part of a graduation event, opposed to fixing a water supply shortage within the facility for unit members, Deputy Brady threatened to take retaliatory action against the union body during ongoing successor negotiations. Deputy Superintendent Brady ordered the union official to his office, upon entering his office Brady engaged in a verbal assault yelling at the Union official, to “SHUT THE FUCKING DOOR!! YOU’RE A 3RD GRADE PUNK!!”. Because Brady was acting like a lunatic the Union official asked for a representative to be present before any further questioning, to which Brady allegedly replied, “You better not”. Once the Union official obtained a witness and rejoined the interview, Brady continued his verbal assault by swearing and calling the officer a “PUNK!!”. At the conclusion of the interview Brady informed the Union official “just remember you’re in contract negotiations and your members are asking for favors”.

Deputy Superintendent Brady is also reportedly the subject of an ethics violation for allegedly ordering Norfolk County Sheriff’s Department plumbers and electricians to perform work at his home while they were on duty.