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The New England PBA, Inc. is certified as a non-profit 501(c) (5) corporation as defined by the IRS and we are incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and registered with the Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission, as well as the State of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Labor Relations Commission, in an effort to exclusively represent law enforcement professionals and their support staff. Our staff has extensive expertise in both law enforcement and labor relations; we are truly an organization of law enforcement professionals, who represent only law enforcement professionals and their support staff.

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We are committed to providing our members with the type of service they can be proud of and the type of representation they can depend on.

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    Calif. police arrest dozens in major anti-gang operation

    “I refuse to allow gang members or other violent criminals to operate with impunity in San Bernardino,” said Police Chief Darren Goodman Source: Police Updates Calif. police arrest dozens in major anti-gang operation

    Men accused of shooting cop planned, filmed 'assassination attempt'

    Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said the men were “lying in wait” to target police in an attempt to gain street cred for their gangs Source: Police Updates Men accused of shooting cop planned, filmed 'assassination attempt'


    The New England PBA Critical Incident Team responded to two separate incidents in two different states on Tuesday, July 20, 2022. The first incident occurred in Brattleboro, Vermont where a suspect who was alleged to have killed his ex-girlfriend came at the officers with a knife and was shot and killed by State and Brattleboro […]

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