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11 Apr

NEPBA-NH Legislative Tracking Report

SB363 Group retirement system middle tier employee buyback On Friday the House Executive Departments & Administration Committee conducted its public hearing on SB363 which would allow middle tier Group II employees to buy down years to get to the 20 year  Everyone gave solid testimony, there was no opposition and the committee will likely hold […]

01 May

NEW HAMPSHIRE LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Steve Arnold, New Hampshire Legislative Director

NEW HAMPSHIRE LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: As the New Hampshire Legislature, the House and Senate, has reach crossover (House Bill to Senate; Senate Bills to House) the following actions have taken place that is of concern to the NH Legislative Delegation, as we continue to Lobby, testify, and watch.  Since our March 9th report, the following actions […]

11 Apr

NEPBA successfully works overtime to defeat the Bill calling for the End of Qualified Immunity in NH for police officers.

The House rejected a motion to pass the bill on a vote of 184-178 and then immediately moved to table it. Because the House was on a deadline to act on all bills that originated in the House, by tabling the bill, the House effectively killed it for the session, although a similar bill can […]