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11 Apr

NEPBA-NH Legislative Tracking Report

SB363 Group retirement system middle tier employee buyback On Friday the House Executive Departments & Administration Committee conducted its public hearing on SB363 which would allow middle tier Group II employees to buy down years to get to the 20 year ¬†Everyone gave solid testimony, there was no opposition and the committee will likely hold […]

01 May

NEW HAMPSHIRE LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Steve Arnold, New Hampshire Legislative Director

NEW HAMPSHIRE LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: As the New Hampshire Legislature, the House and Senate, has reach crossover (House Bill to Senate; Senate Bills to House) the following actions have taken place that is of concern to the NH Legislative Delegation, as we continue to Lobby, testify, and watch. ¬†Since our March 9th report, the following actions […]

11 Apr

NEPBA successfully works overtime to defeat the Bill calling for the End of Qualified Immunity in NH for police officers.

The House rejected a motion to pass the bill on a vote of 184-178 and then immediately moved to table it. Because the House was on a deadline to act on all bills that originated in the House, by tabling the bill, the House effectively killed it for the session, although a similar bill can […]