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11 Apr

NEPBA successfully works overtime to defeat the Bill calling for the End of Qualified Immunity in NH for police officers.

The House rejected a motion to pass the bill on a vote of 184-178 and then immediately moved to table it. Because the House was on a deadline to act on all bills that originated in the House, by tabling the bill, the House effectively killed it for the session, although a similar bill can […]

NEPBA Probation and Parole members issue caution on Parole bill.

By Ethan DeWitt – Concord Monitor Staff A rift over changes to New Hampshire’s parole system may be nearing a compromise after the state parole board and parole officers union agreed to collaborate on a bill affecting parole violators. House Bill 143 – which would allow the parole board to reduce “setback” sentences for parole […]

Who do we blame for under-funded public pensions?

Dear active and retired public employees, I wanted to share with you an article that was written by Baily Childers of the National Public Pension Coalition out of Washington DC.  Baily is working with the New Hampshire Retirement Security Coalition in protecting our retirement system from Legislative attacks.  She has a wealth of knowledge and […]