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Nolan Perroni, PC – Wins Landmark Civil Service Promotion Case for Methuen Firefighter – Slams every level of city government

Nolan Perroni, PC was very proud to represent Tracy Blanchette in her brave appeal against systemic discrimination resulting in this landmark victory. Every level of government actively worked against the appellant in order to preserve a culture of favoritism and gender bias. The Civil Service Commission here has, in a 58-page stinging decision, called the […]

Nolan Perroni, PC win Arbitration case for Worcester County Sheriff’s Office – Sick Time Incentive

Nolan | Perroni, PC and NEPBA recently won an important class action arbitration decision that will benefit members of six (6) Worcester County Sheriff’s Office academy classes – dating back to 2018. As a result, retroactive, bonus personal days will be granted for qualifying officers. NP’s attorney Gary Nolan represented the Union at arbitration. In […]