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Court says POST Questions 6 & 7 are Unconstitutional – NEPBA granted partial injunction

In response to a consolidated lawsuit filed by Nolan | Perroni on behalf of the NEPBA (and the Worcester Police Patrol Officers and President Dan Gilbert, NEPBA’s representative local union), and other unions, the Suffolk Superior Court today enjoined POST from requiring officers to answer two of the most objectionable questions on the recertification questionnaire. […]

Court hears NEPBA's Motion for Injunction in POST Recertification Questionnaire Litigation

Last Friday, Attorneys Peter Perroni and Gary Nolan appeared before a Suffolk Superior Court judge in Boston where they asked that the court enjoin the POST Commission’s use of the current recertification questionnaire. The NEPBA case, originally filed in Worcester, was consolidated with another lawsuit filed in Boston and the parties argued jointly in favor […]