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In conjuntion with the NEPBA, we have put out the attached Memorandum of Instuctions with regard to the recent discipline publication by POST. We have seen many reporting errors already – inclusion of discipline that was vacated, overturned, and not reportable, etc. There are specific rules and procedures to follow to request removal, and there […]

Appeals Court Strikes down "Cadet Rate of Pay": Police Academy Students must be Paid the same as Regular Police Officer

This summer, the Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled that the Town of Brewster’s “cadet rate” for police academy students was illegal, and violated the state’s Wage Act. This is important for many communities who have attempted to implement a lower rate of pay for student or cadet officers, as such rules could now impose significant liablity […]

Nolan | Perroni wins Arbitration for NEPBA Norfolk Supervisors – Eliminates Individual Bargain

N|P partner Gary Nolan recently won an important arbitration victory on behalf of NEPBA Local 570, which represents the Norfolk County Correctional Supervisor’s Union. In order to ensure that certain individuals do not receive special compensation not otherwise available to all superior officers, the union and the Sheriff agreed to phase out so-called out-of-rank pay […]