NEPBA Gets a Big Win at the Rhode Island State Labor Relations Board

11 Apr

NEPBA Gets a Big Win at the Rhode Island State Labor Relations Board

NEPBA filed a decertification petition last July in an attempt to organize the State of Rhode Island Division of Sheriffs. The Sheriffs are currently represented by AFSCME Council 94.

NEPBA filed the decertification petition and received signed cards from well over the required necessary to call for an election. The Sheriffs contract expired on June 30, 2020.

AFSME filed a legal challenge and claimed that the NEPBA’s decertification petition was not timely because it was not filed during the so-called “open period.”

NEPBA argued that the contract was expired, so the decertification petition was appropriately filed. The State Labor Relations Board found in favor of the NEPBA and decided that an election will occur between the parties.

Former Cranston, RI Union President and retired Police Captain, Attorney Stephen J. Antonucci, from Anthony DeSisto Law Associates, LLC, successfully argued the case on before the State Labor Relations Board on behalf of the NEPBA.

NEPBA Executive Director Jerry Flynn said, “this is a huge victory for our organization as we take the next step toward allowing the Division of Sheriffs to join a real public safety union that can properly represent their interests going forward.”

Flynn further stated, “NEPBA is grateful to State Director Sean McArdle and Attorney Stephen Antonucci for their hard work and efforts on behalf of the RI Sheriffs in getting us to this crucial next step in the process”.