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Press Release on Worcester Police Detail Earnings

Each year, local media outlets publicize police salary information, but often leave out very important details related to those earnings. Together with NEPBA Local 911 President Dan Gilbert, we did a public records request seeking to breakdown the 2018 detail wages. Specifically, we sought to discover how much revenue the City earns from its adminstrative […]

Nolan | Perroni wins significant legal ruling in Civil Service promotion case – Court overturns Commission

Gary and Peter represented a long time Lowell Police patrolman in his bid for promotion to sergeant. After a negative ruling from Civil Service, NP appealed to the superior court, where a judge recently issued a strong rebuke of the City’s conduct. In ruling for the officer, the court clarified the bypass process, and explained […]

Nolan | Perroni wins second case for decorated Northampton Police Lt.

Attorney Gary Nolan and the NEPBA favorably resolved the second of two disciplinary cases for Northampton Police Lt. Al Borowski, both of which stemmed from a series of malicious, anonymous letters. After an arbitrator found that there was no just cause for the initial case, the City agreed to completely rescind the discipline levied in […]