NEPBA Wins Arbitration for UMass Boston officer.

NEPBA Wins Arbitration for UMass Boston officer.

NEPBA Attorney Tom Horgan recently won a significant arbitration decision on behalf of one of NEPBA’s newly acquired groups, the UMass Boston Police Patrol NEPBA Local 280.

NEPBA Local 280 is comprised of both patrol officers as well as Dispatchers for the UMass Boston police Department. The grievant is an active NEPBA union member who was hired by the University in September of 2012 as a full-time public safety Tele-Communicator and who was later promoted to Dispatch Supervisor. The grievant had no record of discipline and years of impeccable employment reviews. Following an alleged verbal altercation with another employee the grievant was terminated on October 12, 2017.

The NEPBA and Local 280, represented by Attorney Horgan, brought the matter to arbitration. Arbitrator Theodore O’Brien issued an Award on September 26, 2018 holding that the University violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement when they terminated the Grievant’s employment and ordered that she be immediately reinstated with full back pay and benefits.

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Bill Ryan 
Executive Secretary